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20/20 Cashrussh’s Pawn Brokerage is a simple and easy way to make cash, fast! Bring us your new, used, broken or scrap gold necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings and we will simply buy it from you. On site, the gold will be analyzed and you will receive top dollars for its worth. We accept to purchase gold, white gold, rose gold, and diamonds, in a variety of karats ranging from 9K TO 24K. Make sure you receive the rate that your jewelry is worth at 20/20 Cashrussh. We will never underestimate the true value of your possessions and will ensure our customers receive fair rates for their exchange of goods. Customers also have the option to pawn their goods for money. This means that 20/20 Cashrussh will keep your valuables safe until you are ready to take it back. The possessions are guaranteed to stay in the original state it was received. Bring in your gold today, and find out how 20/ 20 Cashrussh can help you!